Life At Suhana

Like most of our products, life at Suhana is a perfect blend of rich heritage and evolving times. From the vast assortment of people we employ for different processes, to the way the different roles come together, our work environment represents a strong fusion of traditional values and progressive work culture. Above all else, everyone must make the following values their own.

Emphasis on Relationships
It’s only with strong relationships that a company, or really – any entity, can prosper. At Suhana, we have managed to build, and continue to build up on, strong bonds with customers, employees, distributors, vendors and suppliers. So many of our relationships, which stand on shared trust and respect, have endured for several generations!

Focus on Innovation
If there’s a way to do anything better, we seek it out, and try our best to implement it. That’s simply the way we move forward. Looking back, we can state with all humility that right since our inception, we have constantly innovated our processes and products to meet and even pre-empt evolving needs. Irrespective of position, every member of the Suhana family is urged to be driven by innovative practices and come up with inventive solutions.

Driven by Purpose
Right from the imminent issues scribbled on our white-boards to our long-term goals and plans for their strategic implementation, we believe that it is “purpose” alone that drives great businesses. Profits are never to be sought directly, but perfectly follow in line for a purpose-driven company.

It is Suhana’s strong sense of purpose that ensures we are at the forefront of new product development, new market penetration, expansion of sales channels, etc.

Commitment to Quality
Commitment to quality is an incomparable virtue no matter what product one is manufacturing. When it comes to ingredients that are going to make or break a meal at one’s table and be the pride of the chef, it’s perhaps even more important a virtue to imbibe!

Besides using the freshest and best of ingredients, Suhana’s commitment to quality extends across all activities and processes. It’s how we create product after product and unit after unit that is nothing short of world-class.

Socially Responsible Business Growth
The Company provides direct employment to over 1000 people, and over 3000 families are indirectly dependent on it.

In line with the philanthropy displayed by our founders, we actively run several social initiatives. As an example, we organised a national ranking tennis tournament in the years 2013 and 2014, which helped spot and nurture talent of many budding players.

As a way of giving back to society, in addition to certain charities we continuously support, every year, we undertake different CSR activities that benefit diverse groups of people. Suhana’s entire team gets ample opportunity to participate in our social initiatives and make a difference to society aside from through work.

Socially Responsible Business Growth
We’re often asked what our secret is for great taste as well as happy customers. While, we’re not about to share our product recipes with anyone, we’ll tell you this – we listen to our customers, distributors and retailers. No craving from a particular palate is too insignificant a number for us to get cracking on a new recipe.

If you take the sizes of our packages as an example – we are one brand who packages in a wide range of pack sizes. This is for the convenience of all customers and their unique needs.

We have a database of over 50,000 end-users. Besides seeking constant feedback from them, we keep meeting and interacting with our sales channel – distributers and retailers and seek assessment of our products through them. We have been even known to tweak our recipes.

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We love seeing our employees with an enthusiastic sparkle in their eyes as they go along their roles. If you’re passionate about excellence and are seeking a rewarding and fulfilling career, we invite you to be a part of our Company’s future.

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