Main Objectives:

  • To Felicitate and Encourage Women entrepreneurs
  • Sustainable Rural Development
  • Health and Education for needy children

Trust instituted Award in the name of “UDYOG JANANI KAMAL PURSKAR” since 2001 and main object is to “Felicitate” and “Encourage” first generation women entrepreneurs.

Awards Category

  • PUNE REGION - The award is in the form of Cash prize of Rs.10,000/- a Trophy and Letter of Appreciation.
  • REST OF MAHARASHTRA- The award is in the form of Cash prize of Rs.10,000/- a Trophy and Letter of Appreciation.
  • SELF HELP GROUP - giving a special cash award of Rs.5,000/- to Mahila Bachat Gat (Self help group)
  • ORGANIC FARMING WOMAN FARMER – The award is in the form of Cash Prize of Rs. 5000/- a Trophy and Letter of Appreciation.

INTEREST FREE CAPITAL TO FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS IN RURAL - Funds given to Mann Deshi Foundation, Mhaswad, Dist. Satara. It would used as interest-free seed capital to help women meet collateral requirements for loans from Mann Deshi Bank. Female entrepreneurs in rural Maharashtra who operate businesses primarily in the informal sector.

Main Objective:

  • To Provide Sports Equipments Library, Educational Aids to needy children / students.
  • To promote the value and importance of Physical activities in the emotional, physical, Social and mental development of children

SPORTS EQUIPMENTS LIBRARY - Established more than 20 Sports Equipment Library Centres in and around Pune. Sport can not only help encourage children to be more physically active but also helps teach them valuable skills and life lessons that they can carry with them through to adulthood.

EDUCATIONAL AIDS - Trust has taken initiative with the help of NIRANJAN Trust to educate 200 kids belonging to not so well-to-do families of Beed, one of the worst drought affected district in the country. Trust has provided basic necessities like uniform, school bags, books, etc.

In view of the severe drought situation in Marathwada and other parts of Maharashtra, Trust have come forward to help the children of farmers studying in Pune. Trust had provided meals to 61 drought-hit students for the six months.

DROUGHT HELP - A timely help to the drought ridden area in Jalana, Satara and Pune districts. Trust launched the social activity for rejuvenating village lakes and tanks primarily by removing the silt that has accumulated over the years due to which the storage capacity has been reduced. The increase in water storage capacity was aimed at strengthening the local sources of water. The silt removed from water bodies was dumped in nearby farms. Desiltation will help arrest the problem of water runoff and will also aid in percolation, thereby recharging the ground water table.

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